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Welcome to Relax Therapeutic Massage and Bodywork,

Do you suffer from;

Neck pain, TMJ, hip pain, shoulder pain, elbow pain? Range of motion problems? Do you want to perform better at the gym? Run without pain? Do your job without hurting? Keep up with your grandkids? 


With her countless hours of hands on training and experience. Trista is well versed in medical massage, myofascial releaseAshiatsu., NeuroKinetic Therapy (Movement Therapy) and many more. She believes no two bodies are alike and everyone responds to treatment differently.  You will not get the same session as the person ahead of you and you will not get the same session every time. You will not get a routine massage, oil just rubbed on you, cookie cutter, long finger nails, too much pressure, strong scents or your therapist talking too much.  Book now

 Still unsure about making an appointment? The reviews speak for themselves. Read them here.  Trista is a top notch leading therapist in the area. Why would you settle for anything less? 








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