Trista Stewart Manual Therapist
Pain Relief without the side affects!

Frequently Asked Questions


What is neurokinetic therapy?

Its a type of manual muscle testing that works with the nervous system. I use it to ask your body what it can and cannot do to correct an imbalance that may be causing your symptoms.

What do I wear for a session? 

Loose fitting clothes are best. Such as active wear, sweats and a T-shirt are fine too.

How long are your sessions?

Typically 60 minutes and you will be an active participant in your session.

Where is parking?

Parking is located in the street, and there is also a lot behind the building accessible from third street.

I don't see your name on the sign?

I am located inside the Wellness Center of Davison. We are a group of holistic practioners located in a shared clinic.

How many sessions should I expect?

That really depends on the complexity of your situation. Typically 6-8 weekly sessions to really tackle your complaint.