Trista Stewart Manual Therapist
Pain Relief without the side affects!


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I have been going to quite a few massages in and around Genesee County and Trista has far resolved a lot of my issues. I highly recommend her. Glad I found her.       Kenneth D.


Very professional, great touch, took time before starting to find out my problem areas and booked again.      Pam P.


I started seeing Trista in 2014  for my bad back. At that time it was hard for me to work in yard and golf, my back spasms were so bad. She has helped me so much over the last year that not only am I feeling better but i have stopped taking one of my pain pills and one pill i took for my muscle spasms. I would recommend her to anyone that is looking for relief from pain with out all the drugs. She also uses a form of relaxation with hot lave rocks and oil that is so relaxing that you will have to try it to believe it. This hot rock massage would be a great gift to get for a friend of family member..Thanks  Trista.            Wayne M.


Trista is amazing! Her hands are magic, and her heart warm and open. Book today and often for maximum peace and tranquility in your life. (((HUGS)))     Diana A.


I never thought I would be a person with recurrent appointment schedule. After the first massage by Trista, I was hooked. It was the first time I have ever had an MT seek out and destroy all of my trigger points without the need of my verbal guidance. She has found her calling and I am lucky to have found her. I highly recommend you book an appointment.     Rachel C.


Magnificent experience at Relax Therapeutic Massage. Trista took special care of all my wellness goals and exceeded my expectations during the massage session. I will definitely be returning!!!       Rebecca M.


I am absolutely amazed with Trista and her talent for massage and great energy. I has a tension headache for three days and left her table with relief. Ive never been one for massage, but she has completely changed my mind!

Jessie H.


Five Stars        Alex K.


I experience pain relief and increased movement by utilizing massage therapy bi- weekly. Trista always asks what pain I'm experiencing and know which areas need her attention. I am very grateful for her knowledge and experience.            Deborah H.